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Can anyone recommend good software for mapping a cue sheet in detail?

Particularly anything free or inexpensive. But more importantly, quick to learn and use.

Thank you for any suggestions based on your own experience.

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Ken (not verified)
Recommend DeLorme

"I'd recommend either DeLorme's Street Atlas USA 2005 for $49.95 or Topo USA 5.0 for $99.95. It let's you choose a custom route setting your own ""vias"" and also lets you draw roads or bike paths that are not on the map. And besides, it's not Microsoft.

For a poor man's version, try Google's satellite maps. Just search for an address and you can do a low level ""flyover"" of your route. However, the quality of the pictures are variable.

I'm interested in what others suggest too.

~ Ken"

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don montalvo (not verified)
MacGPS Pro

"i haven't tried MacGPS Pro but the reviews are pretty good.


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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
I use National Geographic's TOPO! and Hagstrom/Jimapco maps

For most rides the Greater NYC, Long Island, Catskills & Poconos 2 CD disc set and maps will be all you need. But there are holes in regional coverage. If you purchase the more expensive 10 CD disc Northeastern USA you will get all the topographic maps of the northeast electronically stitched together.

What this program does not do is print out a route which you can use as a cue sheet. But what it does is allow you to trace a route on maps which gives you spot on distances. You will need to use either county maps or another program to get street/road/route names. Elevations and distances give you the ablity to calculate grades.

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Cat (not verified)

Is there a product out there that does all these things, PLUS allow you to print a cue sheet?

It's a little hard to deduce the bare facts and functions from the reviews, and even the product sites seem to assume that you know the basic operation of their products, which i do not.

From this thread, it looks as if DeLorme's Topo USA might be the ticket -- any other satisfied DeLorme users out there?

Thanks to everyone for their input.


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Anthony Poole (not verified)
National Geographic TOPO is good

I can vouch for what Hank said about National Geogrpahic TOPO, although I believe he has been using it for longer than me. There is a version of it for Macintosh too and it seems to work ok with Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.4.1. It's very good for showing elevations on climbs and accurate distances etc., but it won't write a cue sheet for you.

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Neile (not verified)
What I CAN'T recommend is Route 66 for the Mac

UN-inutitive and slow.

Right now, I'm photocopy-ing sections of a Hagstrom or Geographia and highlighting, then word processing out the cue sheet.

No elevations or distances.

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