A18 Ride Saturday 75 Miles GCT 8:30 AM Poughkeepsie

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A leisurely preview of another Steinberg epic: North White Plains to Poughkeepsie via Peekskill, Storm King and Old Indian. Plenty of bailouts along the way in case it rains or you want to get back earlier. This will be 5 hours rolling starting from North White Plains at 9:30 plus 2 hours of stops and contingencies equals a 4:30 train with a two hour return ride. Not a short outing but you could get off at Beacon after 60 miles. Expect over a mile of vertical and be prepared for sun. If you want to do this faster, you are a leader.
Email if you are interested and keep an eye out here for changes due to weather.

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Robert Gray (not verified)
Canceled due to a lack of Interest?

I do not want to do this alone, so if I do not get any responses, I will probably do something else tomorrow.

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Eurosport (not verified)

I am definately in assuming ride happens, although breaking off before Poughkeepsie.

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Robert Gray (not verified)
Sorry No Ride Just Cracked a Tooth

Sorry but I apparently cracked a tooth at dinner on a fruit pit and may have to get it worked on tomorrow if I can find someone. I will offer this ride again soon.

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