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I am looking at buying my first road bike and I was looking at the R500 and R700 from cannondale. I know the 700 is $200 more but is it worth spending the money for the better frame and components.

Thanks for your comments..

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Gary Katz (not verified)


I don't know the comparison between the two for all of the components, but seeing that the frame is of a (presumbably) higher quality, and that the Shimano components are all a notch higher (particularly the shifters, brake levers and derailleurs) on the 700, the $200 would probably be well spent.

But, have you ridden both bikes? WHICH ONE FEELS BETTER? There are differences not only in the frame and component quality, but in the geometry of each one. Talk to the shop owner about how these differences would affect your current and future riding.

I bought my first road bike in 2000. I was trying to decide between two Trek bikes with the same frame. The one with Ultegra was $300 more than the one with 105 components. Then along came the Raleigh R800, which had Ultegra and most important, FELT BETTER, for only $100 more than the Trek with 105.

I am sure that any of those bikes would have lasted five years, mechanically speaking. However, had I chosen a bike whose ride I was not in love with, whether for the more prestigious name or the lower price, I might have started shopping for its replacement much sooner.


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Robbob (not verified)

Gary - Thanks for the insight, they are getting the 700 in my size this week so I will have an opportunity to test both frames side by side this weekend.

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