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I am interested in getting a Garmin GPS device but have been told that reception is sometimes a problem. Does anyone have any experience with GPS reception in Central Park?

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Evan Marks (not verified)
The obvious question

Why on earth would you need GPS in Central Park???

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Richard (not verified)

Not for avoiding getting lost, but rather because it has a pacing feature. You can know whether you are faster or slower than say a 16 minute lap...

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Evan Marks (not verified)
I still don't get it

Can't you do the same thing with the cheapest of cheap cyclocomputers? Or a watch?

Do you really need it or do you just WANT it?


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george (not verified)

If you want it, you need it.

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Bob Shay (not verified)
GPS reception

I have a Garmin GPS 60C and use it exclusively for biking. In the past 6 weeks, I have covered over 1,000 miles using it in CT, NY, and NJ and haven't had a problem at all with reception. I used it on the the Montauk 140 mile ride a few weeks ago starting out from Penn Station. It got me quickly through the city streets, over the bridge, and out to long island with fine reception. I didn't have to look at a cue sheet the entire ride. However, I had to pre-load the route into the system before the event.

I have not used it in central park though. I really don't think you will have a problem with reception in CP.

On an on-going basis, the unit works great when I get dropped, usually on a long hill, from a fast 100+ mile ride. I pre-program the route before the ride and can usually catch up to the group at the first rest stop.

It is an expensive endeavor however if you just plan on just tooling around central park.

Good luck with your decision.


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Zima (not verified)

No problems whatsoever with reception in CP. Trees are only a problem in the real forest on a narrow trail, like when you go mountain biking. Having said that, you do need a clear space when you turn it on (most intersections will do). After it found the satelites, pretty much anywhere in Manh. is not a problem.

P.S. I have Etrex Vista.

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