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A cyclist will be riding from Tampa to Bar Harbor to raise money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. He needs directions from Highstown, NJ to the Staten Island Ferry. He then will be cycling on to Montauk Point to get the Block Island Ferry.

In essence, he needs 2 routes. I am unfamiliar with both legs. If someone has the cue sheet for the Montauk Century in electronic form, this might be just the ticket.

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dennis (not verified)
bike map

"try this web for a nj bike map,also the central jersey bike club can help also,ask for ""howie"",he has a collection of routes,when you get into staten island the staten island bike association can get you to the ferry w/no problem...( luck,watch for the cars,staten island really starting to suck riding now,best bet is try to get on hylan blvd to fort cappadano to bay to the ferry....."

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esass (not verified)
Atlantic Highlands

"How about skipping staten island and taking the ferry from Atlantic Highlands to Manhattan. Both NY Waterway and Seastreak go from this area in NJ to Manhattan. (Belford, NJ)


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Sebastian (not verified)
like the laf needs any more money

.. after they sold about 30 million of the darn bracelets.

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
I saw...

...a fellow driving an H2 Hummer wearing one yesterday as he cut me off on the West Side Bike Path at Chelsea Piers.

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