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I'm currently renovating my apartment and spoke to the contractor about options for installing a ceiling bike hoist in a utility room.

I had hoped they could just install the hoist after I purchase it from nashbar or wherever. He suggested blocking the ceiling to be sure that there won't be any cracking, considering the weight of the bike, the hoist, the force applied when hoisting it up, options for adding another hoist in the future (likely). I have no idea whether blocking is actually necessary.

Does anyone have any experience with installing bike hoists they can share? Any suggestions re model to buy or avoid? thx

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Paul (not verified)

i have installed one. Get some lag bolts installed in wood, and you should be fine. Ajo Hardware sells the hoists for ~$25. It is a very good price. Also the coating on the hooks from performance is cheap. Be prepared for it to come off.


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Joao (not verified)

"I have my recumbent on one of those. No problems in over two years. I just used 20 lead anchors with 20 big bolts holding it up in place. At one point my bike weighted 36 lbs, and no sign of it coming lose. Just be prepared to do a lot of drilling.

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tara (not verified)
Hoist away.........

I just purchased and installed a bike hoist from Performance. it was 24 bucks. I installed it as they have it shown in the catalogue-mounted on a board. I then screwed the board into the ceiling with 4 toggle bolts. I purchased the board at my local Ace hardware- they carry them cut to the perfect size for this (4 feet). It took a little work to figure out the locking system but once I did it works like a charm-very smooth. The hoist will hold up to 50 pounds. Altogether it was under $30. This is a great solution for a NYC apartment, especially if you have high ceilings.

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maryellen (not verified)

I appreciate the input re hoists. Sounds as if I can do this pretty inexpensively! The picture was particularly helpful. thx

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