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"I have a Trek Hybrid with Prom Max V style brakes.
All was well in brake land until 2 months ago . The brakes were losing their centering on the front and back and would rub the wheel.

I had the back tire trued and then let the LBS make the adjustments to avoid this problem.

After 5 - 10 miles the brakes would rub the wheel. What actually is occuring is instaed of both brakes squeezing the wheel only one side does..

Beought it back to LBS, adjusted the spring tension, even tweak it when I ride.

My thought is since I am doing a TON of milage on the bike, by the way the pads have a lot of life left, the brakes may just be ""Crappy"".

My next idea would be shimano XT or LX since I have understood they are better made and stronger.

ANY ideas?

I have done all I can and this is damn frustrating.


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Neile (not verified)

"What you're describing is characteristic of inexpensive brakes.

You should get proficient with the little adjustement screws to fine-tune the distance and action of the left/right pads:

Once you're familair with the procedure, it's not a big deal, but an upgrade to a better level Shimano or Avid brake will better enable you to ""set and forget"".

A broader issue is that all the components that came with the hybrid are likely of a similar standard. You should consider whether it's 1) worth putting $$ into it; 2) living with it as it is; or 3) buying a new bike."

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Evan Marks (not verified)

The pivot points for the brake arms, where they attach to the frame - maybe they're really dry and need to be lubed, or maybe the mounting bolts are too tight. Either way, it sounds like the return springs can't push the arms back away from the rims. A shot of spray lube into those pivot points might do the trick, just make damn sure you don't spray it onto the rims or brake pads.

Jeez, seems like a bike shop oughtta be able to figure that one out.

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Rob (not verified)

a)I have adjusted the SPRINGS
b) I have sprayed the points, loosened and re tightened without over tightening.
c)lubed the brake cable.

I am buying a Road bike, if it stops raining long enough to test ride.

Regarding my LBS.....LOL, they are nice but I better not need any REAL work done.

This would be my junker or commuter winter bike.
I do need to STOP on my own.

The comment of putting money into the bike is correct and I agree.

I saw some SHimano XT or LX brakes with could comments on them. I am not sure how the Advids are.

Thanks again


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Evan Marks (not verified)

Well, let's look at the other end of the system - do the levers return to their rest positions after squeezing them? Do the cables slide smoothly in the housings, could they be very dry is there be a kink or sharp bend or a too-tight fitting somewhere hanging them up?

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Rob (not verified)

Nope, the levers are fine.
Lubed, work just fine.

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Evan Marks (not verified)

Still seems like the solution should be something simple if not obvious, but diagnosis and cure via internet is still sketchy at best.

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Rob (not verified)

Hey I know it.

I am pretty sure it comes down to lousy brakes.
Side pulls are much better.

I will bring it back to them before I do anything.


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Neile (not verified)

Both will stop the bike fine, but Shimanos are prone to squealing.

See reviews at:

I'm also a big fan of Kool-Stop BMX (MTB) all-Salmon pads:

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