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I'm looking for a used (as in economical) trunk rack for a 1992 Honda Accord (with 290k I might add). Will come to you. Was that Jeff Vogel in the audience I saw a week or two ago on Emeril Live?

718 254-6558

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alan resnick (not verified)
bike rack

have one-not for sale, but if east 65th street is convenient for you-will loan it to you for free(ie-if you need it for the Sheffield weekend) as long as you return it.

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jt (not verified)
i've got one!!

Hey Tom, I've got one that's been sitting in my brothers attic for at least 5 yrs, still in the original box. Not sure if it was ever even used.

It's the Thule model.

Want it? I'll take any reasonable offer. Drop me an email at handsurgeon at gmail dot c o m.

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