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can anyone recommend a nice bike route with little traffic to go from NYC to Sag Harbor? I would not mind taking the metro or a train to get out of the city.


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hannah (not verified)
North Fork

A nice, scenic route is to take the train to Port Jefferson and then ride along the north shore to Greenport, where you catch a ferry to Shelter Island and then another ferry to right near Sag Harbor. The LI DOT (tel. is something like 516-???-CARS) has a free LI biking map that I used to plot a route when I did this a couple years ago. I took a number of back roads that were on the map but not officially recommended routes, because they're less direct (but less trafficked).

Alternately, you could follow the Montauk Century route, spray-painted along the south shore, to East Hampton and then head north to Sag Harbor.


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Fred (not verified)
Problem - getting to the fork

Once you hit the Fork, it's all great and it's just a question of whether you want to go South of Route 27 (Flat) or North of 27 and deal with hills. I would opt for the North Route, heading North at a restaurant called Meson Ole. (This is the secret insider route).

I just did the Montauk Century which started way out in Babylon (LIE exit 51). The route followed Montauk Highway for a long, and BORING distance. There must be some circuitous way around this endless suburban sprawl, but I don't know it yet.

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