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"How did people, who rode the Bloomig Metric today, handle the rain -- particularly the heavy stuff at the end? Am I the only one who actually *enjoyed* it?

C'mon, fessup all you closet ""regenmeisters"".

(Alternately, your general take on the event.)"

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John Z (not verified)
I am a Wuzz... (nm)
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Jimmy (not verified)

Handle it? I just kept riding, what else was there to do.

I didn't really enjoy the rain at the end at all, and didn't want to be all wet when getting back in the car. I enjoyed the (mostly) lighter rain that fell earlier on.

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Christian Edstrom (not verified)

Good fun. Very Oost-Vlaanderen. Fun fun fun. And now my bike is clean again.

- Christian

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Colleen (not verified)

We had a great time--what a beautiful ride. Our bikes are now really clean, but our bathtub is really really dirty.

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Ivy (not verified)

You know you hated it as much as I did.

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Christian Edstrom (not verified)

I was just trying to commiserate with your soggy socks.

You were miserable. I was commiserable.

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Risa (not verified)

I really surprised myself because I loved it! With the body heat I was building, I found the rain to be refreshing and cooling. I was with some friends----we came by train from Manhattan and we were going to do the 45 mile ride, but they were concerned about the weather and voted to only do the 25 mile. For me it ended too soon. It was a great day.

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Eileen (not verified)
I did it in the rain!!

"Great ride!! Was able to utilize my B-Sig skills. Initally was going to do 62 miles due to the rain at the 19mile mark at the rest stop was going to do 47miles. However, once I got to the split I said to myself, ""A NYCC B-SIG graduate would not settle for anything less than 62 miles"".

Experienced my first crash at the 56mile mark. Body and bike got bruished but was able to ride to complete the 62miles.

A definite plus experience. Can't wait 'til next year.


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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
You don't have to wait till next year

"You can do the Harvest Rides century in September. I've done it the last three years, and prefer it to the Bloomin' Metric. If I'm paying to do an organized ride, I'd rather do a full century. Also, the September ride has far fewer people and no crowding on the roads."

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Jimmy (not verified)

One more thing -- thanks to Soundcyclists and all the volunteers for a nicely organized ride. One of the best marked I've ridden.

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Ed White (not verified)
Kudos to Sound Cyclists

Remarkably, I had fun, even though it took forever to clean my bike afterwards. And so much for weather forecasts--last weekend, it was forecasted to rain on the Montauk Century, and it didn't, and this weekend it was forecasted to be clear most of the day, and it wasn't. Since I was riding close behind the wheel of someone most of the way, I was getting a lot of rain water thrown into my face from the rear wheel in front of me--I hope I'm not poisoned from all the road dirt/grease/etc I probably swallowed as a result!

Kudos to the Sound Cyclists for doing a great job on organizing the ride. Apparently, the local authorities are more cooperative in Conn. than they are in New Jersey or New York in letting the ride organizers mark the turns on the road clearly (I know our ENY organizers have had difficulties with that). They also had great cooperation from the police, who helped with traffic at critical intersections, etc. The roads were in excellent condition, too. Those bicyclists who live in Conn. are very fortunate!

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sueboken (not verified)
tough nyers

Thank you to the new crew I met. Even in the rain, pedals breaking, clips not clipping, odometers not working, we actually waited for each other (ok, maybe once we didnt). It was still fun and we stuck it out through the monsoon. sue

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Daniel (not verified)
Bloomin metric: Zen in the art of cycling

I also like to acknowledge Sound Cyclist and the Connecticut police authorities, who were extremely polite and cooperative. I also like to acknowledege the B-sig leaders and the training everyone participated in the last two months, developing greater skills, increasing my knowlege and cycling ability. The b-sig training allowed me to default into reflex intuitive reactions to the weather and terrain(62 miles), riding relaxed and responsibly, enjoying the scenic views and fellow cyclists.

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