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I wanted to take a moment to thank you all, the group of leaders in the the A-19 and A-Classic. I owe a big thanks for both groups, since I happen to be one of those trickle-down people who jumped around...

It was a fantastic 12 weeks - to meet a bunch of great friends among the siggies, to share some beautiful rides, even with the occasional push up the hill :-)
The experience was there for us because you, the group leaders, dedicated a lot of time and effort. It truly enriched life.

Looking forward to riding with you again - now that I can make it up the hills.


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Karen Nicolini (not verified)
DITTO in capital letters!!

I agree - thanks for all the fun, the skills & and the encouragement!

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sandy (not verified)

my greatest appreciation and thanks!

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Derrick (not verified)
Echo that

Echo that. Thanks to the (Classic & 19) leaders for all the support and advice. And of course to Terry and Steve who chose not to pass me on climb up Bear Mountain - checks are in the post guys ;-)

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Terry Hildebrandt (not verified)

actually, have you young'ns have no respect for your elders - not letting me up first! (I'm stopping payment on your check!)
Thank you for all your hard work and support!

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