Bloomin' Metric

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I think I'm going to do the Bloomin' Metric this Sunday.
(, probably the 75 km route.

Anyone else going?

Any past experiences?

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April (not verified)
scenic ride

It's pretty flat (for the first 75 km part) and great view of the sound.

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George Arcarola (not verified)
Bloomin' Metric

Jimmy, it's a really pretty ride, well worth the trip to CT. Enjoy the day!!!


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sueboken (not verified)

hey there! i'm going with a few of my friends. if you're taking metro north, feel free to meet us at the grand central clock alittle before 7am.


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Jimmy (not verified)

Prolly gonna go by car, hope the old heap makes it, but if I do go by train I'll try to find you.

Looking forward to what should be a great day.

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Karl (not verified)
Bloomin Metric

I am doing the Bloomin Metric tomorrow with a couple of friends. Does anybody know if they have a bag check at the start/finish area? I want to bring a small backpack with a change of clothes etc. Thanks

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