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The weekend before last saw the postponement of what may be the series best ride. Therefore, we decided to run on this Saturday, May 21st what should have been the penultimate STS A-23 ride. There are two modifications: 1) we will start the ride in Garrison instead of Peeksill and we will meet in GCT at 7:30 AM to catch the 7:51 AM train. 2) Return is from Cold Spring instead of Beacon.

There are three major climbs each of 1000 or more vertical feet. The total distance is 102 miles with 7000 total vertical.

5:00We all shoould be in Cold Spring by 5:00 PM to watch OLN's Giro broadcast. Saturday is a mountain top finish. Let's hope the Cold Spring Depot will show it.

PS Contray to original plans, we won't be at Blondie's. There is no 6:51 AM train and the 6:20 AM requires a transfer.

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
6:51 train to Garrison?

I don't believe there's a 6:51 train. There's a 6:20 train that requires a transfer at Croton-Harmon. The trip takes 18 minutes more than on the 7:51 train.

I've taken the 6:20 train a number of times, and the train I transfered to at Croton-Harmon was pretty full. It's not a bike train, so the conductor might object to too many bikes.

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John Z (not verified)

Thanks. I assumed and made a mistake...

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John Z (not verified)
Looking Good....

7:51 train to Garrison; return from Cold Spring. Some may stay around to watch the Giro.

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