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Of course we will check out the collapse, and I think from their head over to NJ for the Palisades south of the GWB. The views are stunning. For this ride, a hybrid-cross-mountain bike won't explicitly be required, but durable tires are always a plus on urban routes.

Keep in mind Undercliff Road has a very, very steep climb, and this route has several other moderate climbs.

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Steve Brain (not verified)
Count me in

6.30 @ the boat-house? Will be there.

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Neile (not verified)
On. (nm)
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Neile (not verified)
5/18 UAR report -- River Road South

"Great route -- Approx. 20 miles. Closeup view of the H. Hudson cleanup crew tossing car size boulders around like building blocks -- and stunning night NYC vistas.

Great group -- ""A"" riders slumming. ""B"" riders working their butts off to keep up.

Great assortment of bikes -- full suspension MTBs, cyclocross, single speed MTB, John's new hill climb creation with a bored out MTB shifter and single 26T(!) chainwheel.

Great fun! -- Thanks, John."

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