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The foot/bike bridge a block or two above the GW bridge is open--You can get a good view of the landslide which is just north.(BTW the work on 9W at the state line is building a beautiful restraining wall so something similar won't happen there)

The closures of the path above Riverbank Park/sewage plant must be finished--the gates were all open today.


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Heath (not verified)
Riverbank Park

Most days the Riverbank Park path is open. Last week, one day, it was closed. Of course it was the day I was running late for work.

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Jay (not verified)
if the gate is locked

1. look about 25 feet each way--sometime the other door(s0
is/are open

2. You can carry your bike up/down several flights of stairs into the bus entrance area to the park--bikes aren't supposed to be there so maybe you can walk your bike 300 feet or so in/out to/from Riverside

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Heath (not verified)
I always ride

I always just ride my bicycle through the park if I have to carry it up the stairs. Instead of exiting the park asap, I ride down the street that says authorized vehicles only. No one has stopped me yet, and it is a little more direct than riding on the sidewalk to exit the park.

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