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Does anyone know how and where to get CO-2 cartridges in southern Italy? I will be traveling there and would like bring my CO-2 pump.

I*ve been told we are not allowed to bring compressed-air cartridges on airplanes.

A friend from Sicily suggested I talk with people that work in the local bars since they make seltzer water using CO-2 cartridges.

The small town where we are staying is not like Milan or Rome where there are many bike stores. In fact there are no bike stores at all. (I only saw one road bike the whole time I stayed there last year.)

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you may have.

Brad Ensminger

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Joe Soda (not verified)
why, why, oh why...

...don't you just buy a pump?

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Isaac Brumer (not verified)

"Find a housewares shop (seltzer maker refills.) Perhaps find out what you call the cartridges in Italian and do a search for them in advance. In a worst case, take an empty for ""show"" and ask around when you get there.

Try this, too -¤tPage=1&partner=yahoo&refining=true&catId=163601 Order onlina and have it mailed to where you're staying

BTW, I normally buy my CO2 in bulk at the gun counter at Wal-Mart (upstate. That explains why I'm so generous with them on rides.) I'm not sure there's Wal-Mart in S Italy or if they sell guns the way they do in the USA."

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'bombolette' 16g. (not verified)
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