Saturday's STS A-23 Graduation Ride

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Thanks, John, for a truly memorable last ride with the NYCC ! I will miss the great rides with such a nice group of people.

The stats: 159.6 km (100 miles); 1780m (6000') vertical; average speed 30 km/h (19 mi/h).
8 riders, 5 of which made the 4:33 train from Poughkeepsie.


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Robert Gray (not verified)
Last A19 STS Ride

Robert, thanks for the consolation ride #13 yesterday that we missed earlier in the season (#7). In fact, since it had almost exactly a mile of vertical and 75 miles of horizontal, it should remind those other guys that the A19 was not such a sissy affair. Of course Canopus Hill was totally ridiculous for any group. A great season Robert, and hope to see you next year!

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Craig Breed (not verified)
We wish you good fortune back in Europe

Let's keep the NYCC European Tour connection with you going strong for years to come.

Happy climbing (and descending).


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