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Hi all,

I have a good friend who was wondering about a good cycling route from New York City to Albany.

Many thanks in advance for any help.


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Isaac Brumer (not verified)
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Jay (not verified)
I rode from Piermont to Albany r/t in 2 days

I took the usual route thru West Point/Cornwall & all the way up to Albany--It was just over 100 miles. I came back on the other side as far as Bear Mtn on the Route along the East Bank of the river--I think it is 9M. The East Bank is prettier from Newburgh/Beacon North & the West Bank is more scenic below Newburgh..if u have any specific ?'s u can e mail me or tel 845-359-6260.

Incidentally Washington irving lived just below Tarrytown and whether by fast horse or the fastest boat he was unable to get to Albany (he may have had a girlfriend there!) in a day, but we cyclists can now do it!

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Jay (not verified)
I think cyclists can cross all the bridges across the Hudson

except the Tappan Zee

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Chris T. (not verified)
But not at all times

Supposedly, the bike path on the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge is closed between dusk and dawn

Bear Mountain is always open -- but you are riding on the road.

GWB is supposed to be closed between Midnight and 6 am.

Don't know about Mid hudson, Kingston - Rhinecliff and Rip Van Winkle bridges. Consult , and use the listed phone #s to inquire about local rules.

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Jimmy (not verified)

I think one would be wise to stay off the GWB between midnight and and 6 am.

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Jay (not verified)
I didn't think he was planning a nocturnal ride

in the past those other bridges north of 84 had bike paths
if one has been closed, a cyclist could just take the next one

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David (not verified)
Thank you

"Some folks may keep posting. But just wanted to say ""thank you"" on behalf of me and my friend for this quick and useful help.


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