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When is the optimal (read: emptiest) day/time of day for unencumbered cycling in Central Park?

In Prospect Park, I've noticed it clears out pretty well at 9:30-10am, and stays that way until 2:30-3pm.

How about other parks as well?

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john segal (not verified)

central park:
5:30 am-7 am
10:15 am-3 pm

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Evan Marks (not verified)

The southeast corner (6th&CPS to 72nd&5th) remains open during the day to mollify the taxi lobby.

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pedalpusher (not verified)
taxis in da park

In April (possibly earlier), did anyone notice a sign hung high up a lightpost just after the 6th and cps taxi entrance stating that the jog between 6th/cps to 72nd/5th would be closed to all four-wheel traffic during the day, as of some date in May? It may well have been a hallucination, but I'm pretty sure I saw it multiple times (hallucinated multiple times?), and indeed used that knowledge to stay calm every time a yellow car dipped into the bike lane: just wait till May, wait till May.

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