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Anybody have a convenient way to get from the west side bike path to Central Park? If I go across 57th Street I always wind up getting tangled in traffic at Columbus Circle.


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esass (not verified)

65th street is pretty good through Lincoln Center.Come up from the west side and take West End Ave north to 65th and make a right.

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
I take 95th St...

I take 95th St, then a left on Amsterdam, a right on 96th St and then into the park. It avoids a lot of traffic.

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Heath (not verified)
95th also

My prefered route is 95th street.

On occassion I take 72nd street.

To get to work, I take the hill by the trump apartments to 65th street.

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Sid (not verified)

"How about up into Riverside Park to the 91st Street Garden, up the hill to 91st & RSD, south 1 block on RSD to 90th and then all the way to CP on 90th (where there is a ""no-cars"" entry onto the CP loop..."

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Steven (not verified)

I always get off at 79th Street to go up to the park.

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