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I'm looking for an enjoyable/scenic/safe, etc. route from Astoria, Queens to City Island. Any recommendations?


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Neile (not verified)
Not sure you could descibe any route in NYC as

"""enjoyable/scenic/safe"", but this will get you there:

Triborough Bridge to St. Anns Avenue
Bear Right on Boston Road
Right on East 180 Street
Left on White Plains Road
Right on Pelham Parkway (service road/greenway)
Continue until you see signs leading to City Island

Alternately, take the #2 subway to Pelham Parkway or #6 to Pelham Bay Park.

link to NYC Cycling Maps PDF:

Also, for outdoor dining:

Johnny's Reef. The real reason to head for this cafeteria-like little place is that it perfectly illustrates what City Island is all about - -maybe it even illustrates what summer is all about. The menu offers up classic fried or steamed seafood --and not much else: shrimp, clams, oysters served on paper plates, for about $10 or $11 a plate (including an order of fries). Then head out to the deck - -oh, and don't forget to pick up an icy cold beer on your way. (2 City Island Avenue; 718-885-2086)

City Island is a childhood stomping ground and one of my favorite NYC destinations. Enjoy.

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John Z (not verified)
UAR 6/22


This will be our UAR destination on 6/22.

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Neile (not verified)
rock 'n roll. hoochie koo. (nm)
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