6:30 UAR Ride

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I think one more week around Inwood Hill Park, Marble Hill and Riverdale should be interesting. Part history, part geology.

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Neile (not verified)

Bringing friend from work.

Also get to try out new lights.

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chris o (not verified)

I should be there as well.

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JP (not verified)
I missed this one.

These rides have been great, touring various parts of NYC, on and off road. I am sorry I cannot make each one.

The pace is about 18 mph on the flats, but there is slowing for scenery, hills, obstacles and anyone off the back. The group stays a group - compacto!! Sometimes we stop to take in a vista. Most, hey all the riders on my UARs have been great, both on the bike and over some food and liquids afterwards.

As the weather warms, I wonder what destinations John has planned for those balmy Wednesday nights.

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Neile (not verified)
For those who've never done a UAR

and are wondering what makes them unique:

* The use of mountain bikes with f/r lighting -- which allow riders to explore parts of the city otherwise inaccessible on a roadie.
* The leaders' experience, curiosity and inclusive sensibility.
* Breathtaking evening skylines.
* A manic pace on the flats -- which affords a great mid-week workout.
* A like minded core of riders.
* Post-ride beer and burritos featuring animated discourse about state-of-the-art training and conditioning.

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Ron (not verified)
5/11 UAR

Thanks for a great ride guys. That was a lot of fun.
Looking forward to the next one.


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John Z (not verified)

I would have though Continental Ultra Gator Skins would be sufficient, at least for protection from glass. I was surprised to see a flat with these. I guess this underscores the advantage of a fat tire, as we have had only one other flat since the ride began and we go in some pretty challenging areas.

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John Z (not verified)
Wednesday 5/18 Ride

We will of course examine the collapsed wall, formerly one of my favorite sites along the greenway.

Naturally, we won't be detered heading north for destination TBD.

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