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Steve Boland of the NYRR called me this morning and asked if we could provide riding marshals to escort elite lead runners in two events. In return NYRR has agreed to provide non-riding marshals for Escape New York in September - freeing up NYCC members to participate. The events are:

Sunday May 22 - 9AM (report 8:30 AM) co-ed 10K in Central Park

Saturday June 11 - 9 AM (report 8:30 AM) womens Leggs 10 k. Starts at Columbus Circle, up CPW, enter Park at 90th Street and continue in the park. This is the oldest continuous womens road race in the USA.

Please email me at [email protected] or telephone 212 989 0883 if you wish to volunteer.

Still need a few cyclists for each event.
Where are you?. . . . . .

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Judith Tripp (not verified)
Just to clarify -- race on June 11 is actually a 10K (nm)
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Michael (not verified)
Lane Assignments

I'm curious, will the cycling escorts have to ride in the cycling lane while the runners stay in their lane or will these runners go in the cycling lane???

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