Sanitation Truck Kills E. Village Cyclist

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"In today's NY Post.

All the more reason to attend tonight's club meeting on bicycling safety.


A young waitress cycling home from her shift at a East Village restaurant was knocked off her bike and killed by a sanitation truck whose driver never saw her, cops said.

Brandie Bailey, 21, was pedaling south down Avenue A late Sunday when the accident occurred at Houston Street.

Cops said when they pulled over driver David Daye, 30, at East 21st Street and Second Avenue, he told them he had no idea he had hit something. He has not been charged.

Bailey worked at the Red Bamboo Vegetarian Soul Cafe on West 4th Street and cycled home every night to her apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

""She was a real good person,"" said Chris Motolini, 26, who left the restaurant with her before the accident. ""She was here from Canada, working in New York and living with her friends.""

Another pal said Bailey rode her bike everywhere.

""That girl was as sweet as they get,"" said co-worker Jason Wong.

""I said, 'Get home safe' to that girl every night. Last night I said: 'Good night, get home safe; I'll see you tomorrow.' ""

Hasani Gittens and Perry Chiaramonte


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Heath (not verified)
Tickets in NYC

"What do you have to do in NYC to get a ticket? (Besides parking) I am shocked of all these reports of people killing someone or wrecking property with their vehicles and not even getting a ticket. I am not only refering to the recent bicycling ""accidents"" but also to cars that cannot seem to stay off the sidewalks.

Another life cut way to short."

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Cat (not verified)

I can't believe how many people i know who have been killed on bicycles in the last few months. It's astounding and my heart goes out to their families and friends.

Those garbage trucks are the WORST. I don't know if any one company is more culpable than others, but i go out of my way to avoid them. Don't take any chances -- they can't see OR feel you.

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