Head count for Tuesday, May 10 B ride

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Beautiful day in store with a high of 69!

9.30 at Eleanor Roosevelt, to Nyack or Piermont depending on our schedules. We should be back on the NY side of the GWB by 2 or 2.30.

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Stephen (not verified)
Sign me up

Hi Maggie, I'm on board for a Piermont/Nyack run tomorrow. How fast do you think the group will ride? I'm probably on the faster end of the B range, but would enjoy an easy-going ride up with the group and don't mind pulling if it's windy out. I may ride back on my own, depending on the pace/schedule/etc.

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Maggie Schwarz (not verified)
We're ON

We will ride on Tuesday, May 10. Meeting at 9.30 at Eleanor Roosevelt.

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