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Ladies: Is there any consensus out there on who makes the most comfortable bike shorts? I have been doing a lot riding and spinning lately and am feeling more sore than I feel I should...(note: I think the saddles in the gym are the cukprit -- so changing my bike seat isn't an answer.)

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Eileen (not verified)
gel seat?

If you think that the bike seat at the gym is your culprit, try attaching a gel seat on top of the bike seat in order to give you more cushion.

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Christian Edstrom (not verified)

Sure it is.

You can weld a short section of seattube and a seatpost clamp to the box extrusion that goes onto the spin bikes, and then clamp a seatpost in the clamp, and attach your favorite saddle. This will also give you the ability to raise and lower your saddle height in finer increments than 1/2 inch. I've seen some spin instructors with this done, so it's not like I'm the first guy to think of it. If you spend a lot of time on a spin bike, it might be worth it. If it really is the spin bike seat, I'm afraid that shorts will be a pretty poor band-aid.

For what it's worth, Assos make nice shorts, but they're pricy. I'm only reasonably happy with Voler, but the price is right.

- Christian

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Uri (not verified)
Seat, yes

Spin cycles have notoriusly bad saddles. Soft seat are worse for you then a firm saddle. They give you no support and the gel tends to squish into places you don't want pressure.

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