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I am appealing for help with proof-reading the NYCC Bulletin. In particular, I need a fresh pair of eyes to check the bulletin ride istings I prepare against the listings that are taken off the club's website at the end of the second Tuesday of each month.

In the last three issues, at least one ride has inadvertently been left out of the print and PDF version of the bulletin, even though the ride leaders concerned had entered their rides into the club's Ride Submissions Program in time for the deadline. This seems somewhat unfair to those readers who have volunteered to lead a club ride, and I apologise to those concerned.

Ideally, I would like four or five names I could call on to do some proof-reading, so the burden does not fall to the same person each month.

I'm desperate for volunteers. It shouldn't be arduous work and probably amounts to less than an hour's work a month. I have one volunteer who has offered her services for proof-reading in June, July and August, but I have nobody to help out this month.

If you you can help out, please e-mail me at [email protected] or leave a message on the message board. Any volunteer will be eligible to attend the annual, FREE, NYCC Volunteers Recognition Party. So, if you've never volunteered to help the club before, now is your chance!

Thanks in advance.


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Basil A (not verified)

I'd be happy to help out anytime. Since I've seen you occasionally on UWS, I assume we live/work close to each other also - possibly a plus.
However, I am equally unqualified to correct American spelling!
(212) 724 2477
ba AT
basil AT

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Allison (not verified)

"They don't call me ""apostrophe-adder Allison"" for nothing. Feel free to email me!
[email protected]"

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Anthony Poole (not verified)
Thanks to the volunteers

My thanks to Basil and Allison who have responded quickly and generously with their offer of help in proof-reading the bulletin. I'm sure it will make for a better publication all round.

I could do with a couple of more names, so the same people are not burdened every month, but I am very grateful to Basil and Allison.

It's the volunteers that make this club what it is.

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Natalia Lincoln (not verified)

Hello Anthony,

I'd love to help with the proofreading. To contact me, just remove the capital letters in my email address above.


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Rob (not verified)

I can help when needed.
Who proofs the weekly web site?

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Cat (not verified)

I'm very happy to help from time to time. I had my formative spelling training in the UK but i am quite fluent in Yankese also.

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Katie (not verified)

I would be happy to help out as well. My email is [email protected].


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Alfredo Garcia (not verified)
why not?


If you need an extra-extra proof reader, I'd like to volunteer.


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