Mileage from boat house to Nyack via river road and 9W?

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  • Mileage from boat house to Nyack via river road and 9W?
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I am sure this has been covered here before but a search did not produce any results.

Thanks for your help!


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JP (not verified)

About 60 miles roundtrip. Classic ride!

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Rickkus (not verified)
River Road Fraudulent

Well, it's spring (allegedly) and I'm about to head over to river road again, just like Charlie Brown trying to kick that football. Is it just me, or....This road is full of potholes and abrasions and is not particularly good from any perspective. I'll be over there later today, so focused on navigating potholes that I can't even look at the so called good scenery. What's the deal? Am I actually not on river road but think I am. I can't believe there is so much enthusiasm for this piece of junk road, and that it appears in so many of the listed rides! I ride a $4,000 bike and just don't get the logic of enduring this if only from a wear/injury risk standpoint. I can handle it knowing it for what it is - but it just doesn't seem to match up with how it's described, not even close. What am I missing?

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Christian Edstrom (not verified)

Don't worry about your $4,000 bike. It won't fall apart just because you ride on rough pavement.

I like it because of the scenery, climbing, and lack of traffic. I suppose your mileage might vary.

- Christian

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? (not verified)
About 7/8's of the distance

The southernmost mile or so, and the northern end--about 500 yds from the Alpine police parking lot are not in good shape. The rest is as good as you're gonna find on any road in the area. And my bike is >$5K.

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Rickkus (not verified)

Got it. I guess I bailed after one mile of potholes each time. Went over today and stuck to it and it was great! THANK YOU NEW YORK CYCLING CLUB MEMBERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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