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Moving to HK in 2 weeks for a year or two. Anyone done any riding over there? I suspect it's very hilly. If you have any email addresses of riders or clubs in HK, would appreciate any info.

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el jefe (not verified)

I've ridden there a few times, as recently as this past December. While bikes are banned from Central, there are plenty of riding opportunities in the New Territories. The riding from ShaTin to Plover Park and the Reservoir is totally flat. Beyond that it does get pretty hilly. I've met lots of casual cyclists on the 100's of miles of bike paths in the Shatin-Plover Park area, including a few expats. I've also seen several-more serious looking cyclists on the roads.

The only group rides I know of are organized by the Hash House Harriers and require mountain bikes.

If you need parts, equipment, etc, the bike shop to go to is Flying Ball Bike Shop in the goldfish market. It's as well stocked with high-end stuff as any bike shop in NYC, unfortunately with prices to match.


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Basil A (not verified)

"More of a running/drinking (not necessarily in that order) group, the Hong Kong Hash House Harriers frequent a pub called ""The Wanch"" in Wanchai.
Go there anytime and I expect you'll get some leads.
You could also find some more info by starting at New York City Hash web page and followng links for global/worldwide hashes from there.
(In case link doesn't work, URL is: www.hashnyc.com - seems there's a ""http://www.nycc.org/mb/"" creeping in before it which is preventing access???).

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