A23-STS Reroute

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Given all considerations, we have decided to ride to New Hope tomorrow.

This means an 8:14 train from Pennsylvania Station to New Brunswick. 95 mile, very fast, flat ride.

Other options may arise for Sunday.

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Steve Weiss (not verified)
Meeting Point

Where in Penn Station should we Gather or just get tix and meet at track?

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John Z (not verified)

At the Track Entrace.

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steveb (not verified)
Thanks John - excellent ride - great call on the weather (nm)
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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
Ride stats

Vertical to lunch 2100'
post lunch 1540'
total 3640' 95miles

It doesn't get any better than this.

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John Z (not verified)

After a cool start, seven (plus one) riders enjoyed near perfect weather, with afternoon temperatures peaking near 70 in New Hope, PA. Total distance 95 miles on some of the best roads easily reachable from NYC -- it does not get quainter than Bucks County. The Carversville Inn is a great stop and is always accommodating to cyclists.

An interesting story is the plus one rider. On Canal Road in New Jersey, we passed a lone rider on a nice Trek. Later on 518, we stopped for a mechanical and this rider passed us. We soon passed him again, only to have him pass us again on Route 29 when I was changing a flat. We met this rider on the Bull's Island Bridge to Pennsylvania and talked a bit. We asking him where he was going and he told us he was following a route he downloaded from the internet -- it turned out he downloaded the 80 mile version of our route from the NYCC Ride Library.

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