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Here we go again. The forecast again is not good for Saturday north of the city. Our scheduled ride calls for starting in Peekskill and ending in Poughkeepsie with a hilly (mountainous) 90-95 mile ride. Once we start heading northwest toward Ellenville, our bailout options disappear and it could be cold and wet. Since Sunday is Mother's Day, many have commitments -- myself included. This makes the call even more difficult.

Fortunately, it the forecast for south and west of the city is more promising. Given such, we are considering running an extended version of the New Hope ride tomorrow, then running the Peekskill-Ellenville-Poughkeepsie ride in two weeks.

Feedback is appreciated.

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David Regen (not verified)
Radical suggestion

Ride in the rain! It's really no big deal if you have on the right clothing; fenders help. I have the quick-release SKS fenders, and they do a great job of keeping the gunk off my back.

I'll admit it's no fun to ride a whole century in major downpour, and that it requires extra care, but it's rarely that bad. With the amount of wet weather we get, it's amazing we're not a little more accustomed to dealing with it.

I was in London a month ago, and nearly every bike--regardless of price--had fenders; most people who commuted by bike had appropriate clothing where as prepared (without thinking twice) to deal with rain while riding as we are when we're pedestrians (umbrellas, maybe rain boots, etc).

Honestly, you'll feel like more of an accomplished cyclist if you go out when it's wet once in a while.

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steveb (not verified)
That's why pubs were invented...

Poor weather = Good pubs + excellent beer

That's what the UK really has to offer. As for fenders - obviously there is a new 2005 trend which I didn't notice last time I was home. I used to mountain bike in nasty mud, but generally didn't start road rides in the rain.

April in the UK -> you know it's going to rain if it isn't already. I guess April showers is a British thing?

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Ron Roth (not verified)
Alternate ride

Will you stop for lunch in New Hope?? :^)
Seriously, that might work out as a means of at least getting some sort of a ride in. The risk is the rather consistent imperfection of any of these forecasts. If the front moves as they predict, you have your ride. But it wouldn't surprise me in the least if it daudles sufficiently to cause the morning to be a mess.
As one whose mom is far enough away that a phone call will suffice, I am considering holding out for Sunday, then doing either the Indian Mtn ride (missed last week) or perhaps the 301 ride (missed 2 weeks ago by many of us). Anyone else with other suggestions for alternative approaches to the weekend?

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John Z (not verified)

"I am thinking of lunch at the Carversville Inn."

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steveb (not verified)
I'm in to ride tomorrow

I've got committments on Sunday also, so am up for a ride tomorrow and willing to risk the odd showers (Brits being used to the odd bit of rain). All things being equal I'd prefer to hit some hills than the New Hope ride (and hence notch the speed down a tad), but if New Hope is the best weather option then that's cool. Count me in if something is happening.

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Ranieri (not verified)

Hi, my mom is in Italy. If you go on Sunday, I'll come with you for a nice, long & dry ride.
Tell me where to meet you.

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John Z (not verified)
Not Me!

I cannot do Sunday.

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