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Best three rolling things I've seen in NYC in the last couple of days:

  • A nun in full habit rollerblading down the Hudson River Greenway

  • A guy on a unicycle juggling three bowling pins IN THE RAIN

  • An elderly lady in a fur coat, who you'd expect to see stepping out of a Lincoln Continental, riding her folding bike down Broadway

Any other sightings?

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Ivy (not verified)
Nuns are good luck

Yes!! I've also seen that nun on my ride into work. No one believed me when I described what I had seen.

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Heath (not verified)
Juggling clubs

FYI, no one juggles bowling pins except as a gag. They were probably using juggling clubs. They are closer to the clubs that were used for club swinging as exercise, than they are to bowling pins.

OK, I was not the guy on the unicycle, but a few years ago it could have been me.

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Debbie Rothschild (not verified)

I've seen a nun in full long-skirted white habit on her bike doing laps in Central Park mid-afternoons during the week. I wonder if she and the roller blading sister are friends.

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Cat (not verified)

"There is a book written by ""The Jogging Nun"" about the seasons of the year in Riverside Park. My little brother studied under her -- Latin and maybe Botany and, please, no bad habits jokes -- at St Hilda's School on W114St.

I don't know if we have on our hands one tri-athletic nun or a new trend. But God bless 'em, i say. I can't wait till the holy sisters start showing up on the SIGs. In fact, i would elect a few of them to a new Committee of Tolerance to oversee postings on the message board.

So now i've confessed my secret bond. . . . . .perhaps it's rooted in my affinity for comfortable shoes."

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