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No, I'm not writing about the roller bladers. This evening, while finishing up some late laps at about 8:45pm, a group of teens were off to the west side of the road at the crest of the rise just off W. 90th street. My 'radar' flashed a warning, but I chose to ignore it. My mistake. They hit me with a rock that was probably as big as my hand (that's big)! Luckily, it was on my forearm, which will result in a bump, some sensitivity, and some leftover anger. There were too many of them, so confrontation wasn't a logical option initially. But continuing a short way down the road, there were a few other bikers who had similar experiences with this group of youthful imbeciles. Eventually, enough riders gathered that the balance of power had shifted. Seeing the view from the other side of the window, the kids wisely took off into the park. The police showed up shortly after, and pursued them. But it was probably too late, as they disappeared somewhere around the reservoir.
I, for one, have no intention of being 'target practice' for some youthful miscreants on a regular basis. I am even more concerned for the many women who ride in the park. I suggest that all of us who enjoy riding on these roads recognize the assault on our lifestyle that this represents. If our only reaction is 'flight', we have the potential of being perceived by them as hapless sources of perverse amusement. I suggest that, at a minimum, we carry a cell phone when riding. A call to either 911 or the C.P. Precinct (212-570-4820) will usually bring the police relatively quickly. I also suggest that we make it clear to assailants that picking on bicyclists can have a down side. Individually, they can pick us off from the sidelines. Get 20 angry bicyclists together heading toward them, and they will not be any more likely to stand their ground than these kids this evening were. If we all just ride by and be thankful that we weren't hit (this time), another rider (or runner) probably will be. I prefer the police option, but I am completely willing to use the strength of numbers to drive these lunatics out of our sanctuary.

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steveb (not verified)
Police helicopter?

I trust that wasn't why there was a police helicopter hovering over the park around 7.45pm last night???

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Alfredo Garcia (not verified)
thanks for the warning

Hi Ron,

I rode 3 laps on Tues. night between 8:30pm to 9:45pm. Fortunately nothing bad happened. Saw a good number of runners, pedestrians and one NYPD car that was postioned in two different areas between riding the 2nd and 3rd laps, on the upper West Side, which might have been a sense of security at that time.

It was my first CP night ride of year. Will be extra careful & alert.

Thanks again,

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Some (not verified)
Dumpster fire

A trash dumpster near the skating rink by Harlem Meer was on fire on Thursday evening around the same time as the helicopter was hovering. The fire was pouring out a huge plume of smoke and had a least a dozen FDNY responding, including a large truck on the road of the downhill portion of the S-turn.

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doubt (not verified)
Both ways

Last week there was a large group walking up Lasker hill blocking about half of the road around 8pm. I went well wide of them without incident, but a rider following me decided to scream profanities at them as he went by. Apparently feeling that he owned the road.
The rocks may be a response that they don't agree.

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Ron Roth (not verified)
Doubt @noDoubt

I am always impressed by those with deep powers of deductive reasoning. In this case, a rider admonishes a large group of people in the park whom he felt were impetuously congesting the roadway which he believed he was entitled to ride on, free of any such impediments. Therefore, that same group of people, being both angered by their scolding and cognizant that the distinguishing factor identifying their antagonist was that he was riding a bicycle, conclude that an appropriate response would be to capriciously throw stones at all people ridiing bicycles on said roadway.
If, perchance, the anonymous author of this gem is in a position of managerial authority within a large corporation which trades on one of the exchanges, I would appreciate knowing the name of that firm so I can sell the stock short!

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