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Hey folks -

I'm headed out to CA later this month on vacation, and wanted to see if anyone has any experience cycling in Sonoma wine country and/or Monterrey.

I'm trying to decide whether or not I should simply rent while out there or actually book myself on a tour.

If I rent there, the only issue will be:

1) Planning/Cue sheet (could get from a good shop or local club)
2) Support (watching gear while tasting, etc.)

If I do the tour, my issues will be:

1) Not serious enough (mileage and pace)
2) Inflexibility in route (destinations, etc.)

Not to go on weighing out the pro's & con's, I wanted to solicit the group for information...

If anyone in the NYCC community has been out to either of these places, has cycled in the area, and has any reco's, please contact me: [email protected]



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Peter (not verified)

I used to live in Monterey. You don't need a tour group, as there aren't many roads in the county. Sonoma, which i visited many times, is another matter. I would recommend getting a good map, or finding a guidebook that has tours of the county. There's better riding in Sonoma, frankly, and you could easily put together a series of 50-mile rides for two or three days.

If you can rent a decent bike (not a given, but call a few shops and see what you can get) in Monterey, you'll want to ride River Road in the Salinas Valley, Carmel Valley road to Arroyo Seco, and if you get up early, Highway 1 to Big Sur and back. Otherwise, there just aren't any other relatively uncrowded roads.

I can't give you any specifics about Sonoma as it's been a few years, but I can suggest you base yourself in Healdsburg. Beautiful town, especially if you have some scratch!

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Robert Rakowitz (not verified)

Peter / Jay -

Thanks for the information.

I've actually decided to go it on my own and rent over there.

The shops I am renting from is outfitting me with maps and cue sheets - so I think I will be in good hands.

I'll let you know how it goes, and try to get some good pics of spokes and vines...



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Jay (not verified)
We rode in Sonoma with VBT in May,2003

"It was beautiful & we had great weather. VBT, Backroads and probably others have bike tours there& Napa--if you are seriously considering either of them e mail or call me at 845-359-6260 for discussion, ?'s, etc. .

Get ""Sonoma County Bike Trails"" for $10 (WalMart/Pub Gp West) There are a number of trails--We rode on one called Conestota or Calistota. Went over/thru the Micumuca (spelling??) Mtns to get to Sonoma from Napa. I usually save the turn sheets but I can't seem to find these."

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