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I wanted to know what it is like to ride around Garrison NY. I heard that Cold Spring is a nice town. Looking at the web it seems to be mtb riding what are the road routes like. Looking for 30 mile ride, plus?

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Rob M (not verified)

Its really nice, I recomend you get up there.

There are plenty of options from Garrison including Bear Mtn which i think is about a 30 mile round trip. Of course there is seven lakes drive as well.

The ride north from garrison to cold spring is nice, and cold spring has a few good places to get a drink and some food. Try the cow coloured place (you'll see what I mean when you get there).

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John Z (not verified)

1) The Hudson River's west side, Seven Lakes and Bear Mt..., is Rockland and Orange Counties, not Putnam.

2) Putnam County is quite nice. The road along the river is 9D; however, 9D only hints at what Putnam County has to offer.

3) What is your tolerance for hills? Its not easy to go very far in Putnam County without some climbing and some of the hills are very, very steep.

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Jay (not verified)
The Route that parallels the river (9M)??

1. There is a short tunnel just north of Cold Spring--Be careful--on a bright day, auto drivers might have trouble adjusting to the darkness. Once I had a woman follow me in her car with her flashers on. Another time I got a flat--must have gone over something I couldn't see.

2. Metro North trains stop at all the towns along the route--that gives you flexibility starting & ending your ride.

3. In Cold Spring, the restaurant at the station is good--outdoor tables. If you are getting a picnic, take it thru the rr underpass and dine on the park along the river. I once ate at the golf course in Garrison. It's under new management and the rest. sign says it's open to the public--I think it's probably good.

4. Beacon is now an art center--a fairly large modern art museum at the old Nabisco plant, galleries, etc.

5. Further inland there is a very nice (North-South)paved trail on the old Putnam rail bed--It starts in Tarrytown or maybe even further south & goes at least to Mahopac--It's called the North County Trail & good maps are available from the Westch and/or Putnam Parks Depts.

6. If youcross the Bear Mtn bridge, I recommend you contine to either Seven Lakes Dr or North thru West Point (you can now do this with photo ID) then on 217 North to Cornwall & then Newburgh & that bridge to Beacon. See my article in the May NYCC Bull.

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Rosario (not verified)
Storm King

"actually if you cross the river at the Bear Mtn Bridge I would suggest to go to West Point, as Jay suggests but then once you come out, get to Storm King Highway (route 218) for some spectacular riding with views of the Hudson. From there you can get to the Beacon-Newburgh bridge and cross back.

To get to West Point stay on 9w for a while until you see a sign for ""Baptist Church Rd."" and take that. I think there is a cue sheet in the ride library.

It's my favourite place to ride

have fun"

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