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I think my battery needs to be replaced because my watch has been doing some interesting things. New battery is in the mail.

On my last ride, it didn't stop when I stoped for lunch. Is there a way to add lap markers and delete this section from the exercise.

Also is there an automatic error correction? For example, when I go past the hospital and my cadence shows 198, I know how to manually change the numbers. Is there a way to error correct (cadence, speed) the entire exercise in one step?

I am usually pretty computer savy, but for some reason between the directions and trying things, I am not doing well.

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Frank (not verified)

Also experience same with 720i. 57th & Park pegs me at 64 mph and 196 cadence--stopped at a red light. Police radios, traffic signalsn (including those underground in the subways), antenna/satellite waves, etc. cause interference. I can't return from a workout in CP without having hit my max 196 cadence. Check your user's manual--you can delete workouts but not parts of workouts--including counting your jaunt past the hospital--you can stop your watch to begin a new lap or even stop it and resume when you see the interference has stopped, about the best you can do. The funny readings are probably not a function of the battery.

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Frank (not verified)
One other point

"Check your user manual on settig bike function options: you can program your 720i for ""auto start""--start the frontwheel rolling and the clock/odometer begins--stop and the computer goes into standby. If you use autostart, when start your workout (hitting red start button) you must wait for a heart rate reading before you roll or you can throw it all off."

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Heath (not verified)
Autostart problem

Autostart only works if the monitor thinks you are not moving.

On sunday we ate at the Sidewalk Cafe in Piiermont. I usually leave my monitor on during lunch so that I only have one exercise file. When I got back to the bike, which was not moving, the computer said it was going 16mph.

I wish there was a way to combine exercises or delete parts of exercises. Maybe in the next update!

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JP (not verified)

My old 710i, not your model, downloads to my computer and I can bring up the exercise as a curve – showing the peaks and valleys of my HR, speed, altitude, etc., over the time of the ride.

If I move my cursor on that curve and get a time reading of, say, 45’00”, I can right click and add from the menu a lap/time marker at that point.

Also, if I right click on the curve, the menu with error correction comes up. Only HR has a auto filter that gets rid of all anomalies. The others I have to do serially.

I still like to think I have a 229 bpm mhr!

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
Try this site for answers
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Sonny (not verified)
Edit Files

Go to www.polar.fi for support. There is an explanation of how to combine files. Briefly, the data is in a simple text file, you copy the data from the later file and simply paste it into the earlier file. I also assume that you can edit the data in the text file as when the program needs to display the graph, it simply reads the data in the text file.

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