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"Just came across this on the AIS website:

The gist of it is:

1. Six milligrams of caffeine for every kilo of body weight one hour before competition would assist athletes. Cup of coffee has about 60 mg.
2. Caffeine produces a ""small but worthwhile enhancement"" during endurance events +4hrs.
3. At higher doses heat rate can increase, ALTERATIONS IN MOTOR CONTROL and over-arousal (Hello ladies).

Any body using it in a scientific manner? Loss of motor control? I don't even want to know about arousal. What about dehydration I hear you say:

""…caffeine-containing drinks such as tea, coffee and cola drinks provide a significant source of fluid in the everyday diets of many people and any effect of caffeine on urine losses is minor - particularly in people who are habitual caffeine users.""

As an aside caffeine was taken of the WDA and the UCI banned list in 2004. See page 6, caffeine is expressly excluded from the list.

It really makes me proud as an Aussie to see my tax dollars hard at work."

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John Z (not verified)
What's Next?

Belgian cocktail? Pottsville to the Main Line is a tough route...

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
If you read the article you will see...

For exercise an hour or more, one cup of coffee should work.

I don't drink coffee except for cycling and running competition. Also, I'll have a cup sometimes for lunch on club rides. I am a believer.

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Jay (not verified)
watch your blood pressure #'s!

Anyone taking caffeine (Red Bull??) or salt pills should be monitoring their blood pressure.

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John Z (not verified)
Red Bull?

Its a banned substance...

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marion (not verified)

...the drink of the gods...

cycling trips