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...there's nothing in the ride library. Help, please.


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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
you are correct - just a map - page 2 missing

" Seven Lakes, Storm King, West Point - Ride Library

Sorry, Evan, the link just has a map, no cue. It's definitely an oversight. Anyway, maybe someone like Robert, Hank or Fred will provide you with some details or even a cue.

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Ed White (not verified)
routes to West Point

"We have great routes to West Point planned for the July 4th weekend. Sign up soon, though (click here for details), as I have 57 people already registered for the 90 slots at the Thayer. The July 4th weekend is about 9 weeks away.

If you would like to lead a ride up to West Point during the weekend and need to scout it in advance, email me and I'll provide you with the information, and/or when you register at you can click a box indicating that you are interesting in leading a ride during the event. We haven't figured out routes yet--in fact, this early I don't even know for sure who all the ride leaders will be (because they have to register for the event first), but I assume most of the routes will be the same or similar to last year."

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Etoain Shrd-Lou (not verified)
"""Do you pronounce your name with a 'V' Herr Wagner?"""

"If all else fails, 9W (""Nein, W"") will get you all but the last couple of miles. (There's a turnoff to the right after the Bear Mountain Bridge, but I forget what it is.)

Unfortunately, North of Rockland and until nearly Bear Mountain, 9W ain't pretty. On the other hand, if you never met a hill you didn't love...

""Some people love hills. Personally, I prefer women.""
--Uncle Milovan

Your Pal,


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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
If you want to go to West Point, see your congressman....

...and if you want to go to Carneige Hall, practice.

But really, any ride that goes to Bear Mtn, Peekskill, Garrison or Cold Spring will bring you within striking distance of West Point. You will be following 9W north of the Bear Mtn traffic circle. If you find a route you like let me know and I'll email you the final cue sheet directions.

And if you are considering ROTC, speak to Fred Steinberg.

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Etoain Shrd-Lou (not verified)
Ah, I remembered the turnoff!

From NeinW above the Bear Mountain Bridge turn right onto state road 218, which brings you into Highland Falls. Continue north to the West Point south gate Guardhouse. For an especially warm welcome, tell the cadet in the guardhouse that Etoain Shrdlu sent you.

Once past the guardhouse, bear right up the road you're on, uphill to the Thayer Hotel.

However, bear in mind that this is the ugliest route. There are alternatives using Airway Road and 7 Lakes Drive and who-knows-what else that are much prettier.

However, this will get you there quickest.

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Piermontschmiermont (not verified)
Wrong set up.

Do you spell your name...

And those journeying to West Point who wish to ride through the campus should remember to bring a DL or some form of picture ID. The rent-a-cops sometimes ask for it.

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Fred Steinberg (not verified)
West Point routes

The turnoff on 9W heading North is Old State Road. I think there's a sign for Grace Church at that point. That's where 9W starts to look like a highway

As Hank says any route that gets you to Garrison or Bear Mountain gets you to West Point. Just cross the Bear Mtn Br, 5 miles south of Garrison and head north on 9W, looking for the turnoff described above.

If I find some cue sheets with mileage I'll send them to Hank, the ride librarian and update this thread.

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