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The national weather center website (http://iwin.nws.noaa.gov/iwin/ny/zone.html) has been very disappointing lately in the accuracy of their forecasts.

Any suggestions for an alternative?

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marion (not verified)

"I always use http://www.weather.com - all you do is put in your (or any) zip code and it's pretty accurate - tells you the real temperature and the ""how it feels"" temperature -"

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RB (not verified)

The best I have found is accuweather.com, but for me, the most accurate way is to go to the animated radar page and predict it myself. This way, I can see for myself where the rain is and where it's heading. And it's usually more accurate (short-term) than what the forecast says!!

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April (not verified)
second that!

"The language used in weather forecast is about as clear as the points mades by our presidential candidates --> as vague as possible without appearing vague!

Those of us who have more ""graphical brain"" found it easier to look at the radar image to see where the green/white patches are and instantly you know your chance of getting hit by rain/snow. And the animated pages gives a good guess of WHEN the rain/snow patch will move over our area.


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jt (not verified)

"Hey, I just looked at that page and it was pretty neat - especially the animated graphics. I will try this method for the next several weeks. It couldn't be worse than the ""official"" weather forecasts.


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weather man (not verified)
last week

Looking at the map is a great idea. Last Wednesday evening was a 10% chance of rain on 3 different sites. The map made it pretty clear that there was a big line of thunder storms marching through NJ. Then we got blasted.
I guess that was the 1 of 10...

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"Chainwheel" (not verified)
The obvious

"Where are the best weather forecasts? San Diego.


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Carol Wood (not verified)

I was in San Diego for five days in February. It poured rain every day.

San Diego does, however, have terrific taco stands.

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marion (not verified)

I think generally speaking...San Diego's weather (or anywhere in southern California) beats out February weather here - even if it's raining.

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JP (not verified)
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Ed White (not verified)

"If I'm not mistaken, wunderground's forecast are from the Nat'l Weather Service. The site does add comments from ""Personal Weather Stations"" and other info if you care to look.

I find weather.com to be conservative (forecasts rain more often than the others). AccuWeather and the Nat'l Weather service often have differing forecasts, but I've not found any site to be consistently more reliable than any other.

I agree with the comments above that the most reliable method of determining whether it's going to rain on your ride is to look at the satellite/radar, and at the animations. Also, don't forget to take into account where you are riding to, i.e. don't just look at the forecast for Manhattan.


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