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We're not giving up yet!!
But we are going to move back the start time until 9am, possibly later.
We will re-evaluate the weather early tomorrow morning and post a final by decision by 7:30.

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bill (not verified)
ride moved to Sunday 8am

This ride is postponed to Sunday, 8am.
The start location might need to be moved, so please check back in later today.

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bill (not verified)
Sunday departure location Tavern on the Green at 8am.
The 5BBC is doing it's Five Borough tour Sunday. This should be a more manageable place for us to meet. But we will have to leave promptly to avoid getting caught in the wave of riders.
Please be on time.

(Note that there are bail-out points along the route if you don't want to go to Poughkeepsie.)

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Carol Wood (not verified)
A19 Sweep cancelled Saturday

"see other post"

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