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Hi; anyone have luck finding Woolistic jerseys and/or shorts in nyc? How about other non-Woolistic brands (Kucharick etc.)? Most on-line retailers have limited stock, or are simply sold out (Vintage Velos, anyone?) Prefer to avoid NJ (no car). Thanks! -K

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
Woolistic in NYC

"Two years ago, Paragon was selling Woolistic jerseys, and I bought a couple.

Why don't you try ordering direct from Vintage Velos? Or Boure? I've always had good service from both of these.

As for Kucharik, Branford Bike carries their stuff, or you can buy direct."

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john segal (not verified)
again, the answer is Bicycle Workshop

our friends in tenafly always have a few wool jerseys hanging on the rack.
worth checking out.

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