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Talking about bike shop experiences, one of my SIG members and I had a very good experience with the bike shop in Armonk (forget its name). Her rear tire was dying on the road, and not only did the man behind the counter sell her a good tire choice (IMO), and install it quickly, when she went to purchase it, he asked if we were club members, and on being told yes, just gave a discount NQA.

Furthermore, in buying the tire and two tubes, she had only X dollars; and he made the final price work out to be exactly X dollars.

That X-dollar price for those three items would have been very competitive for Internet mail order, and surprisingly low for a retail bike shop in an upscale Westchester town.

The whole thing was a very pleasant bike shop experience, and I would suggest using that shop if you need it, are in the area, et cetera.

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Christian (not verified)

Yes, well, that's all well and good, but did he align the tire label on the right side of the rim, centered at the valve stem hole? That's the sign of a true bike shop!


Just kidding. But between Schriefer's deli and a good bike shop, Armonk is moving up on my list of favorite places. I take it this was the place about a block down from the deli on the opposite side of the street?

- Christian

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Eileen (not verified)
Armonk, NY - Sunday April 24, 2005

Due to my scheduling this week, I apologize for the delay in not submitting my pleasant experience in Armonk when my tire went kaput. Yes, the bike shop(Rob) was extremely accomodating to David and myself and turned a good ride into a better one. I am submitting their information for future reference:

Hickory & Tweed
P.O. Drawer F,
410 Main Street
Armonk, NY 10504
Rob Schwartz


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David Hallerman (not verified)
Align, Check

Know you're kidding, but...Oh, yes, he did align the tire label. Don't think I didn't look!

Yes, a block before the deli, coming into town as we did, opposite side of the street. Plus, in building next door, a pit stop too.

Just nice people, good work.

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