any non-A category time trials in NYC?

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  • any non-A category time trials in NYC?
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Does anyone know how one could do time trials in the NYC area? I know that the big Central Park club holds them, but it looks way out of my league.


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Anon (not verified)

Look on for races. To do the races in the central park you need to join CRCA.

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Joe D. (not verified)
Time Trials

The club I believe you are referring to, the Century Road Club Association is not out of anyone's league. It is an extremely well run organization that is always open to new members some of whom race and some which do not. They are always looking for new members and hold men's and women's beginners clinics which are a great experience and a lot of fun. The next men's clinic is May 29th. Do not be intimidated. Everyone is quite friendly and encouraging. Go to to join. Once you join there are free clinics in the park through out the summer taught by experienced racers one of whom is a former World Champion. The clinic's are great and so is the club. Good luck ! Joe d.

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Chubbs (not verified)

CRCA is great fun. You'll have to pony up about $40 for annual dues plus $45 for a club jersey (you must wear the club jersey during races). Then you will have to marshall a race before you are allowed to compete. Finally, you pay $10 per race.

I don't think there are any races to marshal before the May TT, so you might be out of luck this time.

Anyway, you are looking at nearly $100 plus one morning of marshaling to do TTs.

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