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Someone in our club decided to take a thread about a bike shop and print it out for the bike shop to read. Judging by a post on that thread clarifying authorship, I have a pretty good idea who it was.

Thanks so much for effectively ruining my relationship with that shop (which I still have to go to to pick up a part repaired under warranty) and ending my candid participation on this message board.

Jay Goldwein

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Piermontschmiermont (not verified)

I think the bike shop in question, getting wind of a discussion, could easily tune in themselves. No one needs to print things out for them. Your ass was grass when you posted the message. (I was wise enough to defend Steve and later this week I'll stop in and pick up a few thousand dollars worth of components at cost.)

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I don't shop there (not verified)

So I guess that based on the above post that anytime we read something positive about the Piermontschmiermont shop, we should assume the author is a shill who's getting discounted stuff from them and shouldn't be believed.
So let's see, we've all read lots of bad stuff about Piermontschmiermont and a few posts by people paid to write them. That's a shop we should all stay away from. Not to mention their refusal to honor the NYCC discount.

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Heath (not verified)

Maybe they will adjust their treatment of customers based on the discussion.

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Feelyourpain (not verified)

Your helpful messenger catalyzed a situation that could have risen on its own legs: anyone can come to the msg board and read anything. Careful what you share--it may end up back on your own plate ;-(

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somebody (not verified)
Shops should welcome a forum for candid feedback

Sometimes the truth might not be what the shop wants to hear but they need to. Allowing for anonymous posting probably aids in getting out there how people really feel.

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Jay Goldwein (not verified)
Two wrongs...

Sure, I made a mistake posting my opinion about a shop without making it anonymous. Since I always post with my real name and the website fills in the fields automatically when you post, I made the mistake of forgetting to change the info before posting.

That, however, doesn't make it right for another to take the post and show it to the shop. It was clear from my post that I have been a regular customer of the shop for the past few years and this person clearly understood that his actions would create a big problem for me. I know that I would never have done that to someone else. Perhaps I am naive about people not being from New York, however, after a lousy personal experience with the sig, and observations of various nastiness on this message board, I guess I really shouldn't be surprised.

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April (not verified)

"I only see one ""wrong"", so to speak.

If you don't like some people reading your post with your own real name on it. Don't post with your real name. As others pointed out, this is a PUBLIC forum. Why would you assume the shop owner doesn't browse the forum occasionally? So, the only ""wrong"" is you forgot to change your real name when posting that ""less than positive"" comment.

As for whoever that took the post to the shop, I personally don't see anything particularly ""wrong"" about it. If I frequent the shop and wants it to improve, I might do the same when a complain was voice without them knowing about it. How else do you expect a shop to improve without knowing what they didn't do well? It could very well be whoever took it to the shop had a more positive motivation in mind than just exposing your identity as a revenge.

So, as someone else put it, if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. If you don't like your own complain against them to be known to them, (which I think is silly in the first place) you should have kept it to yourself. Or at least ""protect your identity"" by posting anonymously.

Personally, I don't think too highly of people who whine about people behind their back., and then whine about being exposed!

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Jay (not verified)
The message board is a public forum

I would not post items that I wouldn't want read.

Although I am a Piermont resident and a customer of the bike shop I neither gave your post to them nor discussed it with them.

This shop has a close relationship with the club and participates in our activities and programs. Any astute business person would want to take advantage of a free and public source of information about their market. For these reasons, it would be neither unusual or surprising for them to check the board themselves.

Should the club decide to limit access to this forum, I'm sure they could develop a system of pins/passwords to make the postings more private.

-Jay J

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Etoain Shrd Loud (not verified)

"...but if you have pin entry, you will only have pin posting, which will destroy anonymity, which will very much quiet down the message board and eliminate some contributors completely (not that I have anybody in particular in mind.)

As the ancient saying of our Transylvanian neighbors goes, ""When daylight comes, vampires sleep.""

Your Pal,

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