shaving legs?

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So if you shave your legs, do you shave your arms as well?

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Ohbrother (not verified)
shaving arms and legs

Only if you're metrosexual.

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What? (not verified)
shaving arms

Make sure you shave yourself before you put on your dress to go out with you're boyfriend.

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fendergal (not verified)

Oh, how bold and insightful. Equating shaving with being feminine! Which clearly must be a bad thing.

Shaving one's legs has one basic purpose: to help in the treatment of road rash. Since road rash usually occurs on the legs and shoulders/back, there is no reason to shave one's arms.

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I took the bait (not verified)

Really? You're as likely to land on your elbow and forearm as you are your knee and shin.

The real question is why are we replying to trolls?

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hary cary (not verified)
shaving legs?

Why don't bears and other critters shave then? Hair is protection that is the reason your cranium is covered with it

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Rob M (not verified)

Animals have hair primarily to regulate body temp and for camouflage. Hair on your head keeps the heat in/out, likewise hair on the arms, legs, chest and vital parts is designed to regulate temp.

Its really superfluous on humans in this day and age.

The real issues are wax or shave? and how high do you go? On second thoughts I don't really want to know.

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Alexander (not verified)
Bears, etc.

Also, bears and other critters can't just go to Duane Reade and buy the stuff they need to shave because they don't have the money and also most of those types of places don't even allow animals.

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Dave (not verified)
The BEST reason to shave your legs

Shaved legs are at least 1 to 1.15 grams lighter than unshaved legs--a difference that ANY experienced cyclist can immediately appreciate.

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marion (not verified)
clean-shaved cyclists

Clean-shaved (legs, arms, face - head optional) cyclists just look good - if everyone could just think of Cipolini (among others) - aaah!

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John Z (not verified)
More Aero

Makes a HUGE difference in aerodynamics as well. That and a new bike and you will be flying!

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Etoain Shrd Who? (not verified)
Shave with soap or foam?

"As the old Montenegrin saying goes:

""Sapun za brijanje? Pjena za brijanje?""

Sorry, I just get sentimental sometimes for my native language, start to feel all weepy, and feel I must say something that reminds me of home.

For whatever it's worth, Raisehellfrida The Mud Maiden is fast as hell and she doesn't shave. In fact, she doesn't even bathe in-season. She just loves mud. (See posts from many months ago.)

Your Pal,

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Evan Marks (not verified)

I was just saying the exact same thing.

And wasn't it here that this very same discussion went on last year, with some [email protected]$$ saying he liked the sexy feeling of rubbing his one shaved leg up against the unshaven one?

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Peter Storey (not verified)
One leg shaved . . . one leg not??

Wouldn't the extra aerodynamic drag on one side cause you to go round and round in circles?

Perhaps trackies like that. On the road, you'd probably want to install your quick releases backwards to compensate.

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
Shave arms too?

"Not all pros shave their arms, and some are pretty hairy:

Igor Astarloa

Peter Van Petegem

Peter Van Petegem again

Dario Pieri"

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Carol Wood (not verified)
Thanks, Mordecai

Pix like that put a little extra zing into the working day.

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GM Goth (not verified)
Cultural differences?

I read somewhere, fairly recently, that Europeans consider it bad form TO shave unless you are a pro...that shaving marks the average Joe cyclist as a poseur.

Anybody familiar with whether this is true or not?

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Uri (not verified)

I have heard this as well, but the person is not a poseur. Europeans, some, consider it bad form to bathe as well. Ancient Romans used urine from their slaves to clean their teeth.

Your call.

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