Nets that hold gauze in place (any MDs reading this?)

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If you look at photos of pro racers who crashed, you'll see them riding with the wounds covered with gauze pads, which are held in place with elastic nets (kind of like a nylon stocking, but with a really open weave). What are these nets called??? Every time I try to describe them at a pharmacy, I get these vacant stares. They seem like the perfect thing to add to a cycling first-aid kit (you do ride with a first-aid kid, don't you?).

If no one knows the answer, I guess I could take a copy of a picture to the pharmacy or something.

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Barbara (not verified)

I think that you may be looking for something called Stockinette. A garden variety pharmacy might not carry it. Try a pharmacy that carries surgical supplies. Stockinette is made of cotton.

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kristin (not verified)
Wound Care

The name of the 'webbing' is Kerlix. You can find it at a pharmacy that stocks wound care products.

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JB (not verified)

I am not a doctor; I just play one on TV. A tubular net bandage is the medical product you want. If it's not carriesd at your local pharmacy, you can purchase it on-line.
No need to thank me, I'll send you my bill. Please submit a claim to your insurance comapny. You do have insurance? ;0)


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Carol (not verified)
a..k.a. Stretch-Net burn gauze

"Brave Soldier makes a first aid kit for cyclists called the Brave Soldier Crash Pak. It contains eveything you need to take care of road rash, including a 6"" section of Stretch-Net burn gauze that stretches to fit over a leg or an arm. I've seen the Crash Pak for sale at local bike shops and in the Performance catalogue."

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