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"At the Thursday, 4/21 dinner at Vatan; Ms Kaufman mentionned Schwebers; and I became perplexed as to the origin of the term! Yes, we all know it is the chain/grease marks on legs acquired when ""chain rub"" occurs; BUT does anyone KNOW when the term originaed--where by whom ??????????"

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Ed White (not verified)

Ask Ed Fishkin, or somebody who's been in the club a long time. I believe I remember Ed saying that, years ago, there was a guy named Schweber in the NYCC who had a tendency to get those chain marks on his legs, so it was named after him.

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Herb Dershowitz (not verified)

Ed Schweber, a former club member had a propensity for those grease marks. It's named after him and it's now part of bicycling lexicon.

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Bill Vojtech (not verified)
mean spirited...

As I recall, Ed quit the club because of the embarrassment this caused him.

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Tom Lowenthal (not verified)

As I recall, he was impeached.

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Clay Heydorn (not verified)

"As I recall, he ran for President of the club and lost by a large margin. I don't recall seeing him after that.

And he wasn't happy about having ""schwebers"" named after him either.

He was a nice guy and a strong A rider."

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Tony Mantione (not verified)

"Yes,... Herb, Bill,Tom, Clay and the rest of us ""old timers"" remember vividly good ol' Ed Schweber back in the late 70's early 80;s. A physics Professor @ Yashiva U. very bright fellow, strong rider but ,as the gang accuratly pointed out, a bit messy w/ the chain grease...aaaaaaa He had the tendency to show up w/ the same orange(whool) jersey w/ grease stains of course. the rest of us pretty much wore the same stuff from week to week ,as cycling clothes were not easy to come by and a bit expensive, but @ least we kept ours grease free .........Whe should start a column in the buletin "" Old timer's tales"" Whooa the stories we could tell... hey Marty (Wolf) remember when we picked a green spot on the then free exxon maps we all carried, thinking it was a park in NJ??? and when we arrived discovered it was a county dump. upon closer examination of the map the ""green spot"" was a piece of lettuce from the previous week's lunch ....ahaha,,,,the good ol' days ... I should dig out my slides of some of the rides we did in those early days. I wonder if I would be able to recognize anyone ??????...And while we are talking about the old days.. Trivia Question... Does anyone remember who organized the first Memorial Day Weekend in the Berkshires?? and for bonus points what year was it ??? Ciao .....Tony"

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Herb Dershowitz (not verified)

Was it Lee? I don't remember the year. Must be about 15 years ago.

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Christy Guzzetta (not verified)

"Lee Gelobter started the Sheffield weekend, for sure. And I'm pretty sure the fist weekend was in 1985 - might have been in '84, but I'm pretty sure it was '85. I was already an ""old timer"" in 1985.

Also, a little more detail on the orignation of the term ""Schweber"". It was on one of those heroic Delware Water Gap weekend rides that Chris Mailing led. Something like 325 miles in 2 days. Well, poor Ed, his crank or bottom bracket got loose, made the chainring wobble all over the place. All weekend long, Ed kept trying to hammer it in place, banging it and smashing it with rocks he found along the way. Well, it kept wobbling, kept rubbing agains his calf, left what I think was a permanent chainring impression on his calf. Unfortunately, Ed Schweber got a permanent schweber. It was that incident,that ride, more than any other, that defined what a ""schweber"" really is. You could look it up!"

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Liane (not verified)

I swear I was in an out-of-town ride and someone (not an NYCC) member knew what a Schweber was.

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