Ride up to Piermont the easy way?

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Is there a ride listed that I do not understand which will take me up there on a flatter route.

I have never been all the way up and would like to try it
the easier way first.

thanks Rob

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Michael Casey (not verified)

The easiest way up in terms of flattest roads is probably 501, but there's no way to get back without a hill before the GWB.

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Uri (not verified)

might be even or equally as flat.

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Heath (not verified)
9W is not flat

9W is definately not flat. The hill at State line is definately a hill either way you approach it. And when you first turn onto 9W from Hudson terrrace is a hill.

I would have to agree with 501. There are ways to limit the amount of climbing on the way back, but there will be a hill.

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