What's a safe route from Hastings to the Hudson River Bike Path?

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  • What's a safe route from Hastings to the Hudson River Bike Path?
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Since the weather is nice and I can take my bike inside where I work, I want to start commuting by bike. I live in Hastings, which is north of Yonkers; can anyone suggest a good, safe way to get to the Hudson River Bike Path?



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D (not verified)
On the train...

Seriously though, check the ride library for cue sheets that pass through tarrytown; look for one's that bring you across the manhattan bridge at marble hill (225th). Its sort of a mess right there so it wouldn't be a terribly bad idea to ride to some 1,9 stop above 225 and hop that down to 180, then cut over to the bike path.

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Rob (not verified)

I ride to Ossining on SUndays 2x a month. The main road that goes through there is the same that will take you back to Yonkers. You can also take the Trailway for part.
Once you get to Riverdale I suggest down to Broadway at 239th st make left. Then follow the main road bear left and 1R after Uhaul then 1L which will get you to Broadway
where u make a Right. Go staright over the 225Th st bridge (bike on side walk) or walk the bike as per the sign. I ride on the roadway with my hybrid. Go another
Long block make 1R and this starts the bike path at Columbia Stadium. Go 2-3 blocks and make a left on Seamans and go about 1/2 mile. Now u will go straight through to Dyckman. THere is a Park on the other side of Dyckman. You can go to the right to West side Greenway or Left for Eastside Greenway.
Do Not turn right at the street just before Dyckman (I do not know the NAme) it will take you to busted streets
that need work.

Go 3 blocks and under Highway, Go up stairs, you can roll bike up on dirt against stairs.
You have reached the HH Parkway, follow signs and enjoy.

One major warning: The bike Path has been closed for construction at the sewage plant 145-135. They have promised to resolve this by this Friday, otherwise you need to carry your bike up 6 flights of stairs.

The greenway is dark at nite in parts.
Some people take Riverside Drive.

Good luck


See this link also

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
A cue sheet is in the Ride Library

Go to Rides. Go to Ride Library. Go to Westchester/CT. Go to Whippoorwill/Roaring Brook. Use the cue sheet from the return on Warbuton. You will save time if you just stay on 230th St then take a right onto Broadway. You will walk your bike across the walkway on the bridge. When you get on Bennett you can follow the cue sheet up Overlook Terrace for another hill or you can save time by staying on Bennett to a right onto 181st St then taking a left on Fort Washington but 181st St is quite crowded.

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Fred Steinberg (not verified)
Hartsdale into the city....

Head South on Warburton Ave which becomes Riverdale Ave in Yonkers. The latter part is lousy and there's that hill at the City Line.

At 253st Turn Right to get out of traffic.
Left on Independence Ave, (Wave Hill). Follow around turning right a steep downhill then left at bottom hill.

You're on Palisades Ave, which floods in heavy rain. You can ride thru it but there's may be a hidden pothole....
(alternative: stay on Riverdale Ave to 239th to 230th street)

Follow Palisades Ave past the nice view of Harlem/HUdson river juncture. As you descend it becomes Johnson Ave and drops you at 230th street which you stay on.

Make a Right turn at Kingsbridge Rd and a Right at 228th @ pretty wooden church, heading away from Broadway to avoid riding under the El north of the B'way BR.

Follow 228th aka Terrace View around and becomes 225th street to B'way at B'way Br. Le Tour of Marble Hill.

Cross the B'way Bridge on pedestrian path.

Turn Right at 218th street.

Turn Left Seaman Ave. (Wein Stadium, fmr Baker field)

Ride to end, which is Riverside Drive @Ft Tryon Park.

Turn Left then Right onto Broadway.

Turn Right onto Bennett Ave uphill to the end at 181st Street. It may pay to ride on sidewalk until Ft. Washington Ave, the next light, then continue downhill on 181st to the end (Lafayette Plaza).

You'll see the pedestiran br. to R over the highway which gets you into Riverside Park. The path starts there.

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