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Morning All,
Coming over to NY for weekend next month, quick question, is it worth bringing my trusty steed across? I'll only be there (here) for 3days or so, but am keen to experience cycling in Central Park, having only ever ran around it before now.
And if anyone knows where I can get some (cheaper than UK's $250) Oakley M Frames, it would be much appreciated.

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Rob (not verified)

A better bike such as a Trek 5200 can cost $100 a day to rent or a lower quality (junker fixer-upper) $10 an hour $30 a day.

Try to reserve in advance if you want a good bike
in your size.

try Bicycle Renaisance
Metro Bikes

They are around the Park Area.

Hey, there are plenty of places to bike even a trail that covers almost around Manhattan Island.


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Jones (not verified)

$100 a day !! Strewth !

Still, probably easier than trying to squeeze my sci-con box in the boot of a yellow cab. Thanks.

Where are all the good sports shops in Manhattan, I'm mostly sorted for all that stuff, but you know what its like, there's always the chance of buying more treats.

ps nice to see the other threads very similar to the UK, namely too much LA in the press and not enough cycling on tv!! You guys suffer watching fishing and rodeo riding, in England the coverage of classics like Paris Roubaix make way for the likes of Curling and Nordic Cross Country Ski-ing. Curling, now there's a sport to be proud of...

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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
$100 & the UK media

"That rental price may be quite appealing when you consider airlines *might* charge you ~$80 each way to transport your bike.

As for cycling coverage, well at least you have an outstanding bike periodical, Cycling Plus. ""Bicycling"" magazine does not cut it for me! On the other hand we the benefit of stealing, err $ enticing an expat Phil Ligget. While I think he was a great racer, I don't envy you listening to Sean Kelly's mumblings during UK/Eurosport-English race coverage."

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steveb (not verified)
International flights don't normally charge for bikes

Never been charged for a bike internationally. I have flying within the US. I've flown with my bike with both British Airways and Virgin.

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Jones (not verified)
$100 a Trek and all sorts

"Cheers for the info guys, really appreciate it.

Having had a night to sleep on it, think i'll still try and blag my scicon through check in, sure i could rent one, but where's the fun in spening $,000's ona bike if you have to take out a rental?

I must admit, (and I know it wont curry me any favours with you lot) this is largely due to my general loathing of the thought of being seen on a Trek.

But its also the sheer logistical impracticailities that make it more appealing, ie if i'm prepared to strap my bike to the car and drive 800miles to the pyrenees for the etape du tour, surely getting an unfeasibly large grey plastic box with bicycle imprints on it past a made-up Virgin check in girl is no problem? :)

Sean Kelly does indeed mumble, but at least you feel he knows what he's talking about, unlike old Duffers beside him. Woeful. He'll sit there, ignoring the breaks and chases, instead telling you of the nearest bistro and vineyard he visited just the night before as Boonen and Zabel battle it out in front of your eyes.

Thanks for info on the Oakleys too, I'll check out the shops mentioned if not the street vendors - still cant play half the dvd's I picked up last year, but then it reminds me of a friend who used to work in insurance, fielding a call from a disgrutled customer : ""Excuse me sir, can I ask why you used our company?"" ""well, you were the cheapest"" ""exactly sir, so why are you now complaining about the service?""

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Anthony Poole (not verified)
Transatlantic flights generally don't charge for bikes

Unless you are flying Continental or United Airlines, the transatlantic airlines do not charge for a bike box, but count it as one of your two pieces of check-in baggage allowed for economy/coach. It goes as 'Outsize' baggage and you may have to pick it up separately from your check-in bags.

Instead of using a yellow cab, try calling one of the Limo services. They aslo have fixed fares into Manhattan from both JFK and Newark, which are the same or little more than the cost of a yellow cab.

If you are homesick for curry during your stay here, I have some excellent recommendations for you.

One word of warning, Central Park is very crowded at weekends for riding, so you might want to consider a ride further afield. Take a look at the club's ride library.

Have a good trip!

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ted (not verified)
M frames

You can buy fake Oakleys on most corners in mid-town for $40. Less if you negotiate.

Sunglass Hut has lots of stores in Manhattan and they list M-frams for $190 USD.

If you are coming may 1st, you will have problems renting a bike. BikeNY is a 30,000 person ride around the city, and almost all stores have rented out their bike by now. Other weekends should be fine.

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April (not verified)

Last time I asked, Toga has Trek 5200's for ~$60/day. That was just last summer.

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esass (not verified)

For three days, better to rent at one of the places in town.

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Sonny (not verified)
Three Day Discount

Also, people I know have rented a bike for 3 days but get charged for 2 by taking for entire weekend. Plus, and I love this about NYC, everything is negotiable depending on demand.

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Sheamus Cullen (not verified)
Oakley's in NYC

Neil -
Don't purchase the Oakley's from the street vendor in NYC their fakes, but alright if your looking for a decent bootleg pair don't count on any UV protection. Toga Bike shop had a pretty good selection and decent prices address and contact information below.

NEW YORK, NY 10023
212-799-9625 Fax: 212-799-2834

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